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Mary Virginia Swanson is the key to navigating the fine art photography world. I’ve collaborated with her in reviewing a book publishing contract, gallery representation agreements, a major magazine contract, traveling exhibition opportunity and grant-writing. I loved her Masterclass and still refer back to my notes. I listen to all she tells me and have never gone wrong.

Jean C.

Mary Virginia Swanson is the greatest. Her knowledge, which she so generously shares, and her “you go girl” encouragement consistently move me and my work ahead by giant leaps. I have never known anyone in the photo world who did not know and respect her. She has a unique way of bringing the right combination of people together. My recommendation: take her workshops, work with her, get to know her, you will never regret it. 

Kathleen D.

Mary Virginia Swanson has helped me become educated on so many aspects of marketing my photography. She is generous to a fault with her knowledge, addressing questions and giving constructive feedback on my work. She is a life-long learner, perpetual researcher, and continually educating herself on current trends in fine art photography to help her clients. She always gives her undivided attention and access to her mental warehouse of information, and I walk away feeling she gave me several years’ worth of ideas to implement. If you’re a serious fine art photographer, Mary Virginia’s services are not just a necessity, but a gift you are giving yourself.

Robert D.

Mary Virginia is a true gem. Her broad knowledge of fine art photography and marketing, combined with her warmth, integrity and commitment to each artist's growth make her a cherished professional in the field.

Jari P.

Mary Virginia is a treasure. I have participated in several of her seminars in NYC, seen her in photography reviews at PhotoNOLA and Photolucida, taken an incredibly meaningful workshop “From Concept to Audience” in Arizona, and worked with her on a consultant basis on very focused matters connected to my career as an artist.  She is incredibly astute, perceptive, knowledgeable, kind and intuitive. The breadth and depth of her knowledge about the photography world is stunning.  She sees and seeks to understand the unique gifts of every individual she works with.  My work and trajectory have been enriched and refocused as a result of our work together, and I feel like I’m sailing in clearer waters.

Howard L.

Consulting with Mary Virginia Swanson has been invaluable and led to a clarified direction and increased visibility for my work. In my opinion, there's no one more knowledgeable and in tune with photography.  She helped me retool my website, write artist statements that make sense, and reviewed new work with a keen editorial eye.

Suzette B.

Mary Virginia is a rare gem in our field. She has been in the business for many years, knows everyone and seen everything. She knows our history and understands where the field is moving in the future. She has provided me guidance on my website, social media and on my newest projects. She is very thorough, kind and provided excellent follow up, making it easier for me to implement the changes we discussed. I always look forward to our conversations and advice.

Ray P.

Mary Virgina is a national treasure. She has been instrumental in helping me establish my photography career. Her knowledge and understanding of every facet of the photography world is unmatched. I spent a long time trying to figure things out for myself. Without her assistance I would still be stumbling along on far rockier and less fertile ground. She has also been instrumental in the development of the Click! Photography Festival. With her guidance we've grown into one of the most talked about festivals in the country. We are eternally grateful!

Elizabeth S.

Inspiring, insightful, direct, professional and kind are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Mary Virginia Swanson. I have had projects published, prints purchased, exhibitions scheduled, awards won, artist in residence fellowships granted and many important long standing professional and personal relationships forged because of her. Her workshops are not to be missed, her lectures are pointed and current, and her advice is spot on. Pay attention to what she says and your life as an artist will be transformed.

Charles R.

I have received periodic advice and help from Mary Virginia for nearly 10 years on everything from selecting reviewers to designing my website and publishing my book. Her advice has been valuable all along, and she's a very warm and supportive person.

Olivia P.

Since I have always been more interested in making pictures than getting them out, Mary Virginia’s help has been invaluable. After a skiing accident when I had to cancel that year’s workshops and lectures, I continued photographing, but drifted away from the photo community. I was experimenting with digital and for quite a while dealers wanted nothing to do with it. Mary Virginia reconnected me and brought me up to date with our field.  Consequently, I began to have exhibitions again and last year had a major museum retrospective, as well as smaller shows and a book. Thank you Mary Virginia, friend of forty years!

Richard B.

I am completely new and self-taught in photography. Working with Mary Virginia gave me the advice and confidence to grow and continue my work.  From defining my audience, guiding me in developing a project, and editing a portfolio, she knows the business and people, and is an absolute joy to work with.  I always love my calls with her and come away knowing more and excited to keep moving forward.




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