Private Mentoring: How We Work Together

Mary Virginia Swanson is a sought-after professional advisor and mentor who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences, and present their work in an informed, professional manner.  


She has a robust roster of clients with whom she helps strategize all phases of producing personal projects, including funding research, audience consideration, foundation grant applications, preparing exhibition proposals, editing copy / image selections for industry submissions, maximizing print, website and Instagram presence and much more. 

NOTE: Due to her work with her current clients and on-going industry research, Mary Virginia accepts a limited number of new clients each year on a “first-available” appointment basis as time permits. There are many additional opportunities to learn with Mary Virginia available through her lectures, seminars, and workshops. Please visit the Calendar for more information on upcoming events.

Click here to learn about terms and conditions for working privately with Mary Virginia. 

With current challenges to public health, no in-person appointments are being booked until future notice.*

To express your interest in booking an initial consultation with MVS, please submit a “Client Fact Sheet" (best seen on other than phone).  Once received you will be contacted by email to schedule your initial consultation.

If you have further questions about how to work with MVS, please read through the Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms & Conditions

At the conclusion of the Client Fact Sheet you will be asked to agree to the following Terms & Conditions to work with Ms. Swanson:

  • A two-hour minimum "Initial Consultation" is required for all first-time clients.

    • The fee for the Initial Consultation is currently $600 USD ($300/hour x 2 hours).

    • After this Initial Consultation period is completed, clients may schedule additional time as needed for as little as fifteen minutes by phone or email at the "Existing Client" rate of $250 USD/hour.

    • As of January 1, 2014: To be considered an Existing Client you must have completed a consultation with Ms. Swanson within the past 3 years.

  • Payment in full is expected at the end of each in-person consultation session via check, cash, money order or payment with credit card. Payment online can be made through this website here.

  • If the session was on the telephone or via email, you will receive an invoice shortly following the remote session(s). Details to pay by check, money order, or credit card will be provided on the invoice.

  • A 25% cancellation fee may be charged if less than five (5) business days notice are given and the appointment cannot be filled.

  • If you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged the full amount for the meeting time scheduled.

  • Ms. Swanson's business is incorporated and as such, does not provide a 1099 or W-9 for clients.  Her EIN will be provided upon request.